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Zac Unger is drawn to places that others flee, and this time he packed up the wife and kids and moved to bear country. He is the perfect guide: droll, irreverent, and questioning, equal parts Bill Bryson and Bill McKibben. His adventure reveals not only life on the Arctic’s edge, but also the surprising facts about something we thought we knew about climate change. —Evan Osnos, Staff Writer, New Yorker Magazine

When most families go on an extended vacation, they think Europe, the Caribbean, maybe New Zealand. Unimpressed with Griswold itineraries, Zac Unger instead brought his family to one of the coldest, remotest outposts on the planet to live in close proximity to the world’s fiercest predators. This fun, gracefully-written, and at times harrowing family memoir reminds us that sometimes we must go to the ends of the earth to feel our interconnectedness with all living things. –Hampton Sides, Bestselling author of Ghost Soldiers

“Zac Unger’s deep dive into the health of polar bear populations around the world cuts through the sound-bite science typically reported by the mainstream media to explore the truth about the status of this species. It’s also a very engaging and entertaining book to read—no small feat when tackling such complex subject matter.” —Dan Rubenstein, Canadian Geographic


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